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2007 And Up Jeep JK Wrangler 5.5" Rock Krawler X Factor Coil Over Long Arm System With CV Shaft

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130.00 LBS
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$89.99 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description


2007 And Up Jeep JK Wrangler 5.5" Rock Krawler X Factor Coil Over Long Arm System With Custom Made Rock Crawler 1310 Front CV Driveshaft

The Rock Krawler COMP 5.5 X Factor Long Arm System is the ultimate is  the ultimate trail suspension for Wrangler JK owners!  The steering  geometry has been engineered to provide you with stock on highway  handling characteristics. What makes this long arm system stand out  above all the rest is the Revolutionary Independent Three Link  conversion front and rear. This has become a Rock Krawler Suspension  trade mark. All of our Jeep Long Arm systems feature this very same  design up front. On the new Wrangler JK's we used it in the rear as well so no gas tank modifications would be required. The Independent Three  Link has been proven as the best suspension design for high articulation demands while maintaining precise street control. There is no limit to  what you can do with the COMP 5.5 X Factor Long Arm System. No detail  has been overlooked. The rear features adjustable anti-squat so you can  tune your JK for your off-road pleasure. All the lower control arms are  adjustable, have high clearance and are made from 2" solid alloy steel  for extreme use. We provide you with even the little things such as rear shock relocation brackets that move the rear shocks up 2" for better  ground clearance. Like all other X Factor Mid Arm and Long Arm Systems  for the Wrangler JK, the rear axle has been moved back 1" to allow for  greater clearance between the tire and factory sliders for Rubicon  Owners. The big bonus of this system is the inclusion of massive long  travel 2 5/8 diameter coil over shocks up front!  The 2 5/8 diameter RRD coil over assemblies feature a true dual rate coil assembly for  improved off-road ability with massive off camber gains!  The  adjustability of height in the front end allows you to dial in the  stance of your JK just as you want it.  2 door JK owners will be able to upgrade to a stretch version of this great system.  The COMP 5.5 system comes with our exclusive Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty on all hard  parts!          

System Benefits:

  • Massive 12" Travel 2 5/8" Diameter Coil Overs Up Front
  • High Clearance Lower Control Arms 
  • Excellent Highway Ride and Handling 
  • Improved Off Camber Ability
  • Adjustable Front Lift Height
  • Independent 3 Link Conversion Front and Rear 
  • Adjustable Anti-Squat Feature 
  • Rear Shock Relocation Brackets 
  • Drag Link Flip Kit 
  • H.D. Drag Link 
  • Rear Heim Jointed Sway Bar Links 
  • Rear Coil Spring Degree Wedges 
  • Bomb Proof Front Track Bar Bracket Assembly with Stabilizer Relocation Hole! 
  • Bomb Proof Rear Track Bar Bracket 
  • The Best Off Road Ability of any Long Arm System 
  • Allows for 37 Inch Tires with OEM Fenders 
  • Allows for 40 Inch Tires with Flat Fenders 
  • Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty on All Hard Parts    

System Includes: Custom Made Rock Crawler 1310 Front CV Driveshaft, (2) massive 12" travel 2 5/8" diameter coil over shocks assemblies  with dual rate coil setups (2) upper coil over mounts made from 1/4"  thick laser cut steel (2) lower coil over mounts made from 1/4" thick  laser cut steel Double adjustable front track bar made from 1.5" solid  alloy steel Precision welded front track bar relocation bracket (1)  front track bar bracket support with stabilizer relocation hole (2)  high clearance-adjustable front lower control arms made of 2.0" solid  alloy steel (1) high misalignment adjustable front upper control arm  made from 1.625" solid alloy steel Adjustable front sway bar  disconnects Front long arm mounts and cross member made from 1/4" thick laser cut steel, H.D. drag link assembly (2) long travel linear rear  coil springs Double adjustable rear track bar made from 1.5" solid  alloy steel Precision welded rear track bar relocation bracket made  from thick laser cut steel (2) high clearance-adjustable rear lower  control arms made of 2.0" solid alloy steel (1) high  misalignment double adjustable rear upper control arm made from 1.625"  solid alloy steel (1) rear independent 3rd link mount made of 1/4"  thick laser cut steel (1) weld on rear axle cradle with adjustable  anti-squat Rear long arm mounts made from 1/4" thick laser cut steel Rear extended sway bar links Long travel stainless steel brakes front  and rear Rear coil spring degree wedges, hardware and detailed  instructions

* Will require the purchase of an OEM inner TRE at the pitman arm  connection for the H.D. Drag Link Assembly.  The OEM part number is  52060049AE.  ** Welding of the Rear Cradle, Rear Third Link Mount, Rear Shock  Relocation Brackets, Front and Rear Long Arm Mounts is required.  *** Removal of the OEM lower control arm mounts front and rear is required.  **** Removal of the front upper control arm mount on the driver side is required.  ***** Minor exhaust rerouting required before the collector on the  driver's side. This is recommended to be done prior to the suspension  system being installed.  ****** Requires removal of the OEM front upper coil spring mounts off the frame.  ******* Requires removal of the OEM front lower shock mounts off the axle.  ******** Requires welding on of the new mounts.  ********* Choose your bump stop lengths after you choose your wheel/tire and fender combination.  ********** Recommend installing limiting straps to avoid over extension of suspension components after vehicle is all set up. 

SHOCK OPTIONS: It is recommended that high quality shocks be used with all Rock Krawler Suspension Systems. The Rock Krawler RRD Racing Shocks are a great  choice! The recommended RRD Racing Shocks below require 3" rear bump  stop exenstions at the axle and a 2" bump stop extension at the frame  (bump stops sold seperately on our components page).  RRD Racing Shock Rear Part Number RRD02057 ($179 Each)  Rear RRD Racing Remote Reservoir Shock Part Number RRD02057RR ($299 Each)  Generic Rear Shock Recommendation - 17" Collapsed to 27" Extended

Warranty Information

Rock Krawler's Warranty
 All Rock Krawler "Hard" parts come with our abuse proof lifetime guaranteed on all Generation II and newer systems. This means all control arms and track bars will be replaced if bent, cracked, broke or whatever. This is for complete systems only and may apply to components if used correctly. All components must be used in their proper places and proof of this is required for warranty claims. Any substitutions of other manufacturers components or exemptions of required components will immediately void the warranty. Rock Krawler components may have minor finish damage to powder coated or plated surfaces which may occur during shipping and is not covered under warranty.
Rock Krawler Suspension guarantees that all of its products are of the finest quality and free from manufacturing defects. Any product that has been manufactured incorrectly or is of a defective nature will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Rock Krawler Suspension. Springs and Shocks are warranteed against manufacturer's defect only and are only returnable if they have not been installed. Rock Krawler covers the cost of the part only shipping, vehicle down time, etc is the responsibility of the end user. Prior to tearing the vehicle down for a warranteed item, please see the procedure for how to submit a warranty claim below so extra vehicle down time and labor is not incurred.

What is not covered: 
Bushings, hardware, brake lines, heim joints, coil springs and shocks. These parts are subject to wear and are not considered defective when worn. They are warranted for 6 months from the date of purchase for defects in product or workmanship only. Products or components which have been subjected to accident, alteration, modification, improper installation, tampering, negligence, misuse, or products installed on a vehicle used in sanctioned racing events. A race is defined as any contest between two or more vehicles, or any contest of one or more vehicles against the clock, whether or not such contest is for a prize.
Vehicles used for government or commercial purposes. Rock Krawler Suspension does not warrant any product not manufactured by Rock Krawler Suspension. Rock Krawler Suspension products are not covered under warranty outside the United States of America. Rock Krawler Suspension shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury, whether ordinary, direct, special, incidental or consequential damages, arising from the manufacture, sale, installation, resale, delivery, possession, handling or use of its products. Rock Krawler Suspension is not responsible for typographical errors either in pricing or in content. Warranties, policies and prices subject to change without notice.
A note about jam nuts and the consumer's responsibility. The installer is the person or persons initially responsible for the proper setup of the suspension system and/or components and the initial tightening of the jam nuts. The consumer or vehicle owner is the person or persons responsible for maintaining the jam nuts tight. Jam nuts not only hold the orientation of a component or a joint, but their most important function is pre-loading the threads of the mating parts. Failure to not supply proper torque on jam nuts will result in the rapid deterioration of the threads in the control arm and will impose a "cause for concern" for the occupants of the vehicle. Failure to comply with the warnings headed in the directions regarding the amount of threads showing past the jam nut will also cause the same "cause for concern" for the occupants of the vehicle. All of the above items are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and or installer. If a threaded section of a component is bad it will show itself defective immediately. Threads that fail over time are due to improper maintenance of jam nuts and can be proven very easily. Thread sections not properly maintained or setup are not covered under warranty. This is the end user and installer's responsibility.

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