Becoming a Vendor:       

Thank you for choosing Adams Driveshaft for your Drivetrain needs and for your interest in becoming an Adams Driveshaft Vendor.  The first step is to make sure you read below to see if you qualify to become a Vendor. Then print out the following forms and E-mail them to: Once we have reviewed your application you will be contacted by Adams Driveshaft.



Adams Driveshaft's Vendors are carefully selected. We want to find the most experienced, reputable retailers/installers who are also big 4WD enthusiasts. We look forward to doing business with people that are committed to excellent customer service. To be an Adams Driveshaft Vendor you must have a Valid Business License, Tax ID Certificate, have a Valid Web Site, or be a Brick and Mortar Company. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, or Paypal as Payment. Your Card would be put on file and only charged when product is boxed and ready to be shipped.             

Adams Driveshaft, Inc. takes pride in the Products that we make and sell and offer our Vendors some unique benefits:           

  • Adams Driveshaft offers all of their Vendors a chance to make excellent margins on the products that they make and sell.
  • Adams Driveshaft's Customer Service is the best in the Drivetrain Market, and has over 40 Years Experience in the Drivetrain field. Adams Driveshaft has a very knowledgeable customer service department that is always available to help you with any questions. Should there ever be a problem our mission is simply to take care of it.
  • Adams Driveshaft ships a market leading 99% of its orders received within a 24 hour to 48 hours after receiving all of the information.
  • Adams Driveshaft does extensive advertising and provides support to most major off-road events. The Adams Driveshaft brand name and brand recognition is growing rapidly every day and is becoming the most known Driveshaft Shop in the USA.
  • Adams Driveshaft is committed to continuous improvement and is constantly designing new products.
  • Adams Driveshaft sells parts all over the world and gives you an opportunity to do the same.