Adams Driveshaft Custom Builds Driveshafts to your Specifications using the Highest Quailty Components made by Neapco and Spicer.

Purchaser: Adams Driveshafts Products are only Warrantied to the Original Person, or Recipient. Must have Original Receipt or Proof of Purchase in Order to Receive Warranty.

Welds and Tubing: Our Welds are Warrantied for Lifetime of the Driveshaft. Our Tubing is Warrantied against Twisting due to Torque, but not for Dragging or Scrapping on Objects such as Rocks, Ledges, or other Objects.

Driveshaft Components: Although Adams Driveshaft makes their Custom Driveshafts using the best Components {Parts} Possible, the U-joints, CV Kits and Slip n Stub are wear Items and are Warrantied against any Defects for a Period of One Year {12 Months} as long as they are Maintained Properly.

What Adams Driveshaft will do for their Customers after they have Purchased the Driveshaft.

If you are the Original Purchaser or Recipient of our Driveshaft then you will get the Extra Services that are listed Below if you ever need them throughout the Lifetime of the Driveshaft.

If you Damage your Tubing due to Objects such as Rocks, Ledges, Etc, Adams Driveshaft will Re-tube your Driveshaft Labor Free, you would just pay for the cost of the Tubing and the Shipping to and from.

If any of your Parts Wear out or Break After the Warranty has expired, we would replace them for you Labor Free, you would just have to pay for the parts and Shipping to and from.

What is Not Covered by Adams Driveshaft.

Angles: Adams Driveshaft Will Not Warranty your Driveshaft if it fails due to Improper Angles. If the Angles on the Vehicle you are Installing the Driveshaft on are not Correct, then it could cause the Components to come into Contact with each other and cause Damage or cause them to break. Also Excessive Angle will create more Heat and cause the u-joints and CV Kit to fail way quicker than they should. If you need help with the Angles Adams is more than Happy to help you with them. Please just give us a call at 702-568-5680 and ask for the Technical Dept.

Lack of Maintenance: Adams Driveshaft Will Not Warranty your Driveshaft if it fails due to Lack Of Grease, Rusted Components, and/or Contaminants getting in the Slip n Stubs such as Mud, Dirt, Water, Etc.

Improper Installation: Adams Driveshaft Will Not Warranty there Driveshafts, or any other Parts due to Improper Installations {Examples} Not using Thread Locker on the Bolts, Not Torquing the Bolts, Not Cleaning off the Surfaces before Installation where the Flange Bolts on to, Etc. Adams Driveshaft will not be Liable to pay for any other parts {Example} T-cases, Transmissions, Cables, Brackets, Etc if Driveshaft fails or Comes out due to Improper Installation.

Tampering: Adams Driveshaft Will Not Warranty any Driveshafts if they have been Tampered with, Balanced, Shortened, Lengthen, had other Components Installed, or any other Modifications done by anyone else other than Adams Driveshaft.

Adams Driveshaft provides measurement charts for reference to ensure proper fitment for your vehicle. Due to labor costs, parts, etc., Adams Driveshaft will have to start charging a 15% restocking fee for any driveshaft that is returned due to incorrect measurements, u-joint series, etc. that is no fault of Adams Driveshaft (Custom driveshafts that are returned, need to be re-machined and can no longer be sold as new). All returns would need to have an RGA number in the event that you need to return your driveshaft for repair or warranty. Please call 702-568-5680 and we will issue an RGA number for you or if you have any questions and we’ll get you taken care of.