Adams Driveshaft started our Brick n Mortar Building in 1996 in Nevada. Since then we have been the Go To Driveshaft and Drivetrain Shop in the Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City and Pahrump Area now for over 27 years. If you live in these areas and need the following services performed on your vehicle, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 702-568-5680 and set up an Appointment.

Address: 6265 Stevenson Way, Las Vegas, NV 89120


Driveshaft Work:

P.T.O Shafts

Angle Adjustments

Aluminum Driveshafts

Low Rider Driveshafts

Offroad Highway Driveshafts

Semi and Medium Duty Trucks

Foreign and Domestic Driveshafts

High Speed Driveshaft Balancing

High Performance Driveshafts and Race Applications

Custom made Driveshafts to your Specs, or Projects


FRONT and REAR Differential Work:




Ring and Pinions

Differential Services

Limited Slip Posi's and Lockers

Gear Ratio Changes & Re-bearings

Differential Repair and Diagnostics