Adams Driveshaft's Build your Own - DIY - Offroad Buggy, Jeep Driveshaft, Etc. in 1410 Series


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Build your Own [DIY] Front or Rear Buggy, Rock Crawler, or any other Offroad Driveshaft in 1410 Series.

For those of you who are building a Buggy, Jeep, Rock Crawler, Ultra 4, KOH Car or any other Offroad Vehicle that is Offroad only and not sure of the Length you need, Clearances, or just want to build your own driveshaft then this is the easiest most Complete Package out there. We have Multiple Option on here for you to choose the Combination you need. Different Tubing Diameters, Thicknesses and U-joint Combinations. You have the Option for us to Press, Straighten, and Weld the Tube Yoke in so you would just have to cut the tube to Length and install the stub shaft like the picture above shows, or you can do both ends yourself. These kits work good for people who don't know how much travel they have until they cycle the suspension for Bump, Extended and Ride Height.

This Kit would come with the Following Parts, plus what options you choose.

1410 Series Forged Weld Yoke [Tube Yoke].

7"x 1 1/2"x 16 Full Spline Hardened Stub Shaft. Others use a stub shaft with only 3" of spline.

Adams Forged 1410 Long Slip Yoke.

D.O.M American Made Tubing.


We also have Forged Pinion Yokes, Atlas Yokes and Flanges, and Multiple Transfer case yokes and Flanges. Yokes are made in the U.S.A and have a Lifetime Warranty on them.